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Consulting and Services in Payment Systems and Secure Electronic Transactions

Since 2006, Galitt US, a subsidiary of the French payment technology leader, Galitt, has been leveraging Galitt’s deep advanced payments knowledge, EMVCO qualified test tools, best practices and proven methodologies of its 170 payment consultants and experts, to help FIs, Merchants, ISVs and Payment Service Providers in the US migrate to EMV.

Galitt US is based in San Mateo, CA with offices in Chicago and Atlanta.

In the world of payment systems, the race for innovation is a daily challenge. Emerging technologies, new rules and regulations, Brand liability transfer and the potential for new US & Local Government payment intervention and mandates are permanently changing the landscape of EMV migration in the US.



Galitt US has developed a comprehensive set of off-the-shelf EMV & NFC educational courses to support our clients in their EMV migration projects. Customized courses can also be designed to match specific educational needs. Please contact us today to receive your free catalog of our best of breed educational courses.

  • EMV: essentials about EMV & migration
  • Basics: Cards Payments
  • New Technologies : contactless & mobile

Advisory Services


Galitt provides a range of strategic advisory services that have been designed to provide guidance & assistance to help our customers streamline their EMV migration processes to achieve EMV compliance with the Payment Brands. Some of the key services that Galitt offers are as follows:

  • Interactive EMV Migration Workshop
  • Strategic Design & Roadmap Consulting
  • Gap Analysis & Payment System Design
  • Payment Specifications
  • RFI / RFP Process Support
  • Payment Project Management
  • Pilot & Rollout Assistance

EMV Testing & Certification


Many small and medium sized businesses will not want to purchase EMV test tools and hire new EMV specialists that will have to be trained to use the tools occasionally. Therefore, Galitt is offering the following Testing & Certification services:

  • EMV “Help Desk”
  • EMV Readiness Assessment
  • EMV debugging and testing assistance to VARs, ISVs, ISOs & Merchants
  • End-To-End (Level 3) Pre-Certification packages of managed services
  • Certification Services accredited by Brands



Card & Mobile

Card & Mobile illustration

Galitt provides KaNest®-ICC, a simulator designed to test and validate contact and contactless cards, and VisuCard®, a tool to verify the proper personalization of cards. Both tools are qualified by Payment Brands and can be used with any form factor:

  • Contact cards
  • Contactless cards
  • Mobile device, including HCE
  • All types of Secure Elements (UICC, eSE, mS)
  • Digital watches and wearable devices



Galitt provides Terminal Test Suites covering functional and integration (End-to-End) testing of contact & contactless payment terminals. These tools can be efficiently used at every stage of the development, such as debugging, acceptance testing, pre-certification or certification, covering:

  • Kernel certification by EMVCo or Brands’ accredited labs
  • Payment application pre-certification, both offline and End-to-End
  • Terminal integration Acquirers’ and Brands’ certification

Host & Network


With the KaNest® transactional simulator, Galitt provides capabilities to perform and automate all tests of a device, a host, a gateway, a switch or a network, to validate their conformance with message formats and business rules. KaNest® addresses all test purposes:

  • Unit testing & debugging
  • Functional validation
  • Regression testing
  • Stress and load testing
  • Test automation
  • Production system monitoring



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